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After a difficult battle with Motor Neurone Disease, my Nonno passed away in November 2014. I was 11 then and I couldn’t believe there is no cure or effective treatment, so I decided I wasn’t going to sit by and do nothing. I started my own business to raise funds for a cure for MND and I called it CSJ leMoNaiD. C is for my mum’s initial, Claudia, because she has been an integral part in setting up the business and my best friend. S is my beloved grandfather’s initial, Sam, and J is for me, Juliette. In the last 18 months CSJ leMoNaiD has gone from strength to strength, selling a range of products made from lemons at my local market and I speak out to empower other children and their parents.

During that time it was really difficult for me to talk to my friends or teachers about what was happening to my Nonno and other family members. It would’ve really helped me if I’d had someone to talk to who understood what I was going through, so I have started a support group for kids like me who’re dealing with someone in their life who has MND, has had MND or has just been diagnosed. Just follow the link here Families of MND Support Group.

CSJ leMoNaiD has grown and inspired so many now that Parkers’s Organic Juices has bottled my delicious leMoNaiD and we have started selling it to all Australians, so everyone can get behind my cause to cure MND also. My dream is to use the funds raised from selling my leMoNaiD to help pay for a full time research team at the MND Research Facility at Macquarie University, headed by Professor Dominic Rowe and to sponsor a research student, in partnership with Rotary Health, at Woolongong University over a 3 year period.

Watch this space as more exciting opportunities unfold in the life of CSJ leMoNaiD.

Juliette Jones, ” If an 11 year old with a dream to cure MND can make a real difference in the world, anyone can!”

Our Story

This is my awesome family. They’re funny, silly, sometimes annoying but always fun. Life was pretty cruisey until one day my Nanna called to tell us my Nonno had been diagnosed with MND. Our lives changed forever that day. And it would never be the same again. My Mum looked after my Nonno when he got too sick to look after himself and wasn’t home very much after that. I was the hardest thing we ever had to deal with.

The doctors told us they didn’t know why my Nonno got MND, they couldn’t tell us exactly how it would affect him and the worst news ever, they couldn’t cure him!

I decided that I needed to do something to raise money to help find a cure. That’s when I thought of selling leMoNaiD at our Ramsgate Foodies and Farmers Market, corner of Hawthorne St and Chuter Ave, Ramsgate. My mum and dad said yes and we got to work on it straight away.

After coming up with my own leMoNaiD recipe, a really cute design for my stall and helping my mum and dad build it, I started in November 2014 and have been building it up ever since.

My mum says life gave us lemons so we made leMoNaiD. I like that!
For more information please contact us at csjlemonaid@gmail.com or via our contact page.

This is my Mum, she is totally the best Mum in the world. I tell her all the time!! And this photo was taken at the beach earlier this year. Do you like my moustache?

This is my beautiful Nonno at his 50th wedding anniversary to my Nanna. It was only a few weeks later that we found out he had MND. The doctors thought he had it for at least a year by then. I love this photo because this is how I remember him. And I always will 🙂

This is my Dad, me and my Brother at the Noodle Market in Sydney. We love Asian food and Pho is my absolute favourite!! My Brother is super cute but really annoying…

This is my Nonno when he was young. I love this photo too. It was taken in 1971 not long after they brought my Mum home from the hospital. That’s my Mum on his lap as a young baby. Wow, what a shirt hey? And look how grumpy my Mum looks – Not happy Jan!!

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