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Juliette Jones - "My mission is to stop Motor Neurone Disease in its tracks through the #powerofsour!"

Juliette Jones is not only the 14 year old co-founder of CSJ leMoNaiD, but also the youngest member of renowned Entrepreneur Development Program run by Founder of The Entourage and BRW Young Rich List member, Jack Delosa.

Jack Delosa - "Juliette is my all time favourite entrepreneur!"

Buy a box of Traditional leMoNaiD now!

By purchasing my lemonade you can join me in the fight against Motor Neurone Disease.
Only $54.00 AUD for one box (12x250ml bottles) of delicious Traditional Lemonade.
100% of CSJ leMoNaiD profits are given to the Macquarie University Motor Neurone Disease Research Centre to help find a cure.

We Love Lemons. We Quench Thirst. We Inspire Action.

Buy a box of Traditional leMoNaiD now!

My name is Juliette.

When I was 11 my Nonno died of Motor Neurone Disease. I couldn't believe that in our modern world there was no cure or treatment for sufferers. So I decided to start a leMoNaiD stand to raise money to help find a cure.
Today, just over 2 years on, we are not just a family run business that sells refreshing, healthy and amazingly tasty leMoNaiD, we are warriors fighting against a disease that is really scary and 100% fatal. The Burgess brothers lost their Dad to MND so they and the South Sydney Rabbitoh's are warriors in my mission too!

You can also be a warrior. Click here to donate to Go Fund Me to join my movement, or buy my lemonade to help me stop MND in it's tracks TODAY!

I want the world to be free of Motor Neurone Disease forever.

My vision:

To empower kids and their families to make a difference in the world.
I believe kids have a voice that if listened to, can change the world!

My mission:

 To raise awareness and create a steady flow of revenue into research for a cure for MND in Australia through the sale of my leMoNaiD.
I wish to provide a fresh, delicious and healthy alternative to nasty, artificial, sugary drinks for all Australians every day.

Thank you for your interest in my epic quest to cure MND with the power of sour.
My next wildly important goal is to get my leMoNaiD stocked on the shelves of a store near you to make it easy for you to support my dream to cure MND!! If you, or someone you know, can help me with that goal please contact me via email

How You Can Support Our Mission To Cure MND

You can help me get this show on the road by supporting me via GO FUND ME, by subscribing to my newsletter, by giving me some love on my Facebook page, by following me on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, or just by coming to say "Hi!" at my beautiful old school leMoNaiD stall for a refreshing cup of cold pressed leMoNaiD from 8am-2pm every Saturday at Ramsgate Foodies and Farmers Market, Ramsgate Public School, in Ramsgate, and every 3rd Sunday at That Great Market, 9 Wellington St, East Lindfield.

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. What a SPECIAL young girl you are Juliette, You are an amazing human being with a such a big heart and Yes we do need to find a cure for this disease.

  2. Juliette, you are amazing. ‘ I really loved reading about your quest to provide funds for research into a cure for MND. I lost me beautiful husband to MND just under eight weeks ago so it put a smile on my face to read about what you are doing.
    I can sell some of your lemonade in my wine cafe.
    I live in Western Australia,so you will have to freight it across to me. I’m sure that it will sell very well. I am going to replace coke with your lemonade because I believe in your product and cause. Good on you.

  3. Motor Neurone Disease is a horrible disease that robbed a good friend of mine, many years ago. 2 years after surviving breast cancer she was diagnosed. Within 6 months she was in a wheelchair. Within 12 months she was gone. Her husband and 4 children under 15 were devastated, as were we all.There was nothing we could do but offer support, love, food etc. This is a wonderful initiative that is making a difference. Today, for the first time, I purchased your product at the Rouse Hill House & Farm open day. I loved it. Offering sample tastes is a wonderful marketing initiative. I will use my bottle of lemonaid as a cordial because it better suits my palette ( and I get to enjoy it for longer !) Thank you to you, and your family, for what you are doing. Maybe a few top chefs, and their restaurants, could help with the cause. Jamie Oliver comes to mind. I imagine that good/ethical preserved lemons are not easy to source. Also, I didn’t see your preserved lemons and lemon curd on your website. Endorsement by a “celebrity” chef with a recipe included, would lift you to another level. I wish you all the best in the belief that I know you are making a difference in the world. Best wishes to you all.

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